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  1. When I saw Randy’s results I decided to try EHT to see if it could possibly assist with my Essential Tremors like it did his. I thought that I might as well since I didn’t have anything to lose – only to gain. I saw his results and I immediately wanted to try it for at least a 90 day period. After only about two weeks the product started working and I was totally amazed. My tremors lessened and I could actually write my name like I used to – and it was totally legible. This hasn’t been possible for several years. I kept on showing my employees and even brought that piece of paper home to show it to the family. I was so happy. Helping my tremors isn’t the only advantage of using EHT. I have a lot more energy, sleep better, wake up rested and in such a better mood. The people that work for me have mentioned to me that something had changed – that I seem more upbeat and in a better mood. I even recognized this myself. I have taken two prescription medications for years, Trazadone, for sleep; and Prozac, for my mood swings. I now have approval from my physician to discontinue use of both of these.* I can’t say enough about this EHT product. I would certainly recommend it. It is one miracle product for me! If anyone is hesitant about trying it – just go for it!

  2. My name is Cheryl, and I just started using EHT one month ago. I am a special education teacher. I have been in the business of education for over 25 years. During these 25 years and most of my life I was diagnosed with depression, hyperthyroidism, and graves disease. I was diagnosed with graves disease back in 1998. At that time, the only thing that was available to save my eyes was to have my thyroid radiated out. I have spent most of my adult life taking medications to help me function during the day, and to help me sleep at night. I was on thyroid medicine, blood pressure medicine, depression medicine, and sleep aids, and on top of everything else I had to have a complete Hysterectomy when I was 50. That put me on more medication which I did not want to take, but had to take. I am so grateful that a friend gave me a packet of EHT to try. It has changed my life! The first thing I noticed was, I was able to sleep during the night. Then I began to see how I was functioning during the day. I could remember things that I couldn’t beforehand. I wasn’t so depressed and situations that would have stressed me out, I could handle and deal with, without freaking out. Now, I know that some will say that its only been a month, however, I know that I have changed. I am changing for the better. he only thing I can say is, I know it’s the EHT.

  3. My name is Connie. My husband Terry had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s 12 years ago. He takes his medication everyday. I noticed about a month ago he was lethargic and achy. I got him started on EHT and he is alert and very chipper! He is remembering to do his everyday tasks…amazing!! This is so wonderful to have my husband back to himself. Feeling so grateful.

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