Grit – A trait to success

Research has found when it comes to successfully achieving long-term goals GRIT is the most distinguishing quality. The dictionary definition that fits this theme is: “courage and resolve; strength of character.” e.g. : "he displayed the true grit of the navy pilot."

There are two things that each of us will learn over time to bring us to a place where we have “grit”. The first is to focus on our thinking. Jeff Olson, the author of “The Slight Edge” says, “We must power through challenges by going to another place in our brain. Come up with a slogan like ‘One day at a time’ or ‘You can choose to step onto the success curve.’”

The second is that we must create a team around us, and remember that “givers” end up at the top of the success ladder. Ask yourself, “Whom can I positively connect with today?” Be a servant leader and the world is yours.

“Grit” is that thing in us that pushes us through obstacles until we see them as opportunities. It is the fortitude we find to push forward through those obstacles even when we are so tired we think we will pass out or die if we go another step.

This trait flows through us in every facet of our lives. It helps us weather the storms of uncertainty by making decisions to move forward despite any challenges in our path. Whether you are thinking about work, partnerships, marriages, hobbies or other relationships – it is something that enables us to pull ourselves up from despair to certainty.

In our recent move to Henderson, NV from Napa, CA, we have had to practice this trait with our new home. We intentionally purchased a home that needed some cosmetic work. Structurally the home is in excellent condition with new air conditioners, and upgraded swimming pool equipment, but needed popcorn ceilings removed, walls painted and floors replaced throughout the house.

We budgeted for all those things, but we didn’t anticipate a $6,000 replacement of the sewer line from the house to the street, nor several other repairs we didn’t see in the inspections before buying the home. It’s taken “grit” to push through the challenges and find ways to make it work despite the setbacks.

It means we get to put the floors on hold for a few months, but we are pushing though all these obstacles and have already made great headway through them to make a comfortable home (ready for new floors) but have painted all the house, and converted one bedroom into a wine cellar to hold our 200 cases of wine at wine cellar temperatures.

Just like Jeff Olson says, “One day at a time”. This alone can help us weather the storms that blow on us all every day.

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