Habits of a Millionaire (part 1)

While contemplating the subject of today’s message I came across a photo on social media that said “The 20 Habits of Eventual Millionaires” by James Altucher. It then proceeded to list 18 habits that I agree with partially so I wanted to borrow the idea and list the 20 habits that have worked for me - and many other people I know - to become financially free and make success happen in all areas of our lives.

  1. Determine your “why” and align every day toward making it a reality. For every person this will be uniquely your reason for living, working and playing. From early childhood we all have dreams of becoming a person of relevance to the world starting with family and friends. If you have lost those dreams take time to find and renew them. My dreams today are to be around my kids and grand kids as they grow up and to share anything I can to help others reach their dreams.
  2. Learn to say no. This also falls under when to delegate things others can do for you. You are a limited resource. You need all the time possible to make decisions that move you forward toward your “why” each day.
  3. Love. This is the only religion that matters. Learn first to love yourself – it is the only thing worth totally surrendering yourself to. It is the fuel that drives you to reach your dreams. Then, learn to love all others unconditionally.
  4. Make Mistakes. All leadership coaches teach us to “fail our way to success”. Just read the thousands of stories of successful and even famous people who were at the brink of giving up when the real breakthrough came. Mistakes are the “spell book” to success.
  5. Plant seeds. Jim Rohn tells the story of the parable of the sower from the Bible. Some seeds fall on rocky ground and the birds get them. Some fall on shallow ground and the heat gets them. Some fall on thorny ground where the thorns choke out most of the growth. Even seeds that fall on good ground yield 30% or 60% while other ground yields 100%. It’s a numbers game! Know your averages and sew enough seeds to have a fruitful garden. You can achieve anything you wish as long as you understand this.
  6. Be around people who are kind to you and who love you. No matter how outlandish your dreams may be no one has the right to tell you your dreams are foolish. Anyone who does is NOT your real friend. Your true friends will support you to the ends of the earth to reach those dreams.

In my next message I will cover the remaining 14 of the 20 habits that have worked to bring me successes throughout my life.

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