How To Generate QUALIFIED Leads
For Your Business
Without Spending A Fortune!

Learn A Step-by-step System That Can Generate 2 To 5 QUALIFIED Leads Per Day!

If you’re a business owner (either home-based or traditional), professional, or entrepreneur, I would like to teach you a simple but extremely powerful way for you to gain greater control of your leads, distinguish your business from your competitors, and make more money in your business than you’re making right now. This system is called “Complete Marketing Strategy” and is a simple and powerful marketing strategy.

Separate Your Business From The Competition.

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My name is Randy Martinsen; I’m a business owner and a marketing professional. I do something for my clients that is unique to my industry in that I show them how to market their business in a way that allows prospects to instantly see the advantages of doing business with them. Whether your company relies on a sales force, advertising, or marketing (or a combination), I’ll show you how to systematize your marketing so that it produces very predictable, extremely profitable results.

Any Business. Any Industry. Any Situation.
This Program Will Work For You.

This “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) kit includes ($995 value):
  1. Step-by-step instructions to build your own Lead Capture System ($596 value). There are systems available for $50+/mo, but if you have the resources already you can save THOUSANDS a year. If you have a website already the ONLY COST to build it is your time. If you need a website you can get one for as little as $6.00 per month!
  2. The Monopolize Your Marketplace marketing strategy on MP3 files ($399 value). This is an 11 hour audio course is copyrighted and produced by Richard Harshaw and licensed to us to teach and distribute. This is a PROVEN system that explains how marketing works, and lays out detailed strategies for making your marketing better. This course includes information on:
    1. How to find your best targets
    2. Understanding how a buyer’s brain works
    3. The marketing equation (Interrupt + Engage + Educate + Offer)
    4. Writing copy and using evaluation tools
    5. Mastering the marketing & sales process
    6. Generating QUALIFIED leads using all forms of advertising including social media
    7. Using a contact management system with auto-responders
    8. Follow-up skills
    9. Asking for the sale
    10. Active customer service – how to turn customers into “RAVING FANS”
    11. Referral incentives
    12. “Up-Selling” Increasing sales with existing customers

We are available to help you build and implement any part of these systems in your business. We also have monitored web hosting available for the Lead Capture System for anyone interested in just that small part of the marketing strategy.

$995 Value – Download Price NOW only $47

Regardless of what business you’re in, these marketing principles are sure to work for you. These strategies have been implemented in over 10,000 companies and in every industry. Here’s a quick sampling of some of the businesses that have benefited from these strategies:

      • A business-to-business magazine publisher doubled the income from his magazine in just 60 days by implementing a risk-lowering strategy that allowed his salespeople to get “first-call-closes” 92% of the time. Our system allowed his worst salesman to go from $3,200 to $16,800 in sales in just one month.
      • A small rubber stamp manufacturer who came to a seminar was able to increase his business from about $242,000 a year to about $470,000 a year by growing his own sales and then buying out another competitor. The company had been around since 1907-the owner couldn’t believe what was happening! Using our system he added more revenue in several months than they had been able to muster in 88 years!
      • We helped re-vitalize a high-end flooring store in Dallas’ designer district and also helped them identify a completely new profit center that netted the company more than $250,000 in PURE PROFIT in one year…with just $746 in extra advertising costs per month.
      • We implemented a program for a plumber (yes, a plumber!) that increased sales from under $20,000 a month to a record-breaking $147,358 in sales in January of the following year. Their new yellow pages ad pulled 5.6 times more calls than their old one, and their referral business accounted for 17% of their business (up from 0%).
      • A Texas company that developed property management software credited us with his 3 highest sales months ever…just from the FREE advice he got from them in a free follow-up consultation after a seminar he attended. Then he hired us (with a fraction of the profits he’d already realized) and doubled his business by buying his competitors customer list after they were forced to file for bankruptcy. They just couldn’t compete anymore.
      • A travel agency that specialized in cruises implemented one tiny suggestion that increased the effectiveness of his newspaper advertising by over 10 times–that’s TEN TIMES THE RESULTS for the same money spent.
      • The owner of a brand new sign company implemented our system and signed almost $100,000 of orders before he even opened his doors. Talk about starting with a bang!
      • A $20 million insurance brokerage firm became the #1 distributor for Philadelphia Life less than 3 months after taking on the product line using the ‘Monopolize‘ strategies.
      • An SBA lending bank generated 117 SBA loan leads in just 2 weeks the number they had generated themselves in the previous six months… for 17 times less money
      • An auto repair shop used our expertise to triple their yellow pages results, quadruple their direct mail results, and quintuple their referral business. All this in less than a year.
      • A property tax reduction company took their direct mail response rate from 4% to 7.1% instantly after implementing a few key components of our system into their marketing plan. Their mailing costs remained constant, but their profits went up by 2 ½ times.


$995 Value – Download Price NOW only $47

Sound like small potatoes to you? Well, our marketing system has worked just as well for larger companies as well. Take a look:

Nation’s Largest Roofing Company Calls On MYM To Crush Overzealous Competitors

  • The nation’s largest residential roofing called us when they passed out 40,000 flyers after a major hail storm and only got back 98 responses instead of the normal 2,000+. They called us in a panic-they had no idea what was wrong, let alone how to fix the problem. We used our system “by the book” to create a marketing program that put them back on top within 6 months. The biggest problem was getting the “old-timer” salespeople to believe it would work. They just couldn’t believe that we could use marketing to sell a roof (average price $16,200) in just 11 minutes. Results speak loudly.
  • A company that made coin-operated pool tables and air hockey came to one of our seminars in dire straits-they were losing money hand over fist, and were considering selling out to their biggest competitor. Ten months later, our system had put $7 million dollars of profits in the owner’s pocket, which he later used to buy out that same competitor. In June 2003 he sold the company to Brunswick for $34.5 million (Brunswick had not made coin operated tables prior to that).
  • A moving company had been averaging 70 calls a month from their yellow pages ad at a monthly cost of $3,000. The owner begged us to help her write a yellow pages ad on the spot because the deadline was the next morning at 10 am. We spent about 2 hours hammering out the ad with her that evening to beat the deadline. Within 2 weeks of the new yellow pages book hitting the street, she was receiving more calls than she could handle. After 3 months, the ad was generating an average of 955 calls per month and sales increased by 1,100%. She merged with another moving company to handle the increase. In less than a year, she was bought out for well over a million dollars cash.

Retail price is $995 – Download Price of $47

Even Bigger Results… $23 Million In Increased Sales (And $9.1 Million In Profits)

A $4 million firm that sold electronic banking services came to a seminar to find out how to grow their business to the next level. We showed them how to aggressively target new market segments and helped them introduce new products. Within 22 months, the company was doing $27 million… and in the first full calendar year we worked with them, the two owners of that company put $9.1 million in their pockets.

A corrugated box manufacturer, saw his business skyrocket from $700,000 in monthly sales to more than $2.2 million in monthly sales ($8.4 million to $26.4 million; an increase of more than 3 times!) in about one year. The success was based on a simple execution of the Monopolize Your Marketplace system. The increase allowed the owner to construct a new manufacturing facility that quadrupled his output and allowed him to grow his business even more after that. He recently reported (January 2004) that their sales for the month were up 30% compared to the same month a year before, and they were shutting down their marketing so they could increase capacity again.

Texas’ largest independent insurance agency dialed the MYM System into his business with tremendous results. The owner was already the dominant player and well known to the public due to his heavy investment in radio and television advertising. He saw the potential of getting even more return for his advertising dollar and worked with us to implement the MYM System into his already successful business. Over the next three months, phone traffic increased by 31% and their closing ratio nearly doubled. The TV commercials we cut are still running today.

$995 Value – Download Price NOW only $47

Most Of What You Learned About Marketing Is WRONG.

The MYM System has succeeded where every other marketing program has failed: It is a practical, step-by-step system that you can use to achieve outstanding results because it works based on simple human motivation. Think about it…when you buy something, you always want to make the best decision possible. Marketing’s job, then, is to facilitate the buyer’s decision making process by educating him about the important and relevant issues. The MYM System is built on this simple truth.

When implemented properly, the MYM System is a way of innovating and marketing your company to a point that it’s instantly evident that you’re the obvious choice to do business with. At the seminar, I’ll show you how to make those advantages of doing business with your company so obvious to your prospects and customers that they quickly and easily draw this one simple conclusion: “I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you…regardless of price.”

Well, whether you spend $3,000 a month, $370,000 a month, or $3,000,000 a month on marketing, I’m going to show you how to use the “Monopolize Your Marketplace” system to leverage what you’re already doing and get the kind of results I’ve listed above for YOUR business. This will happen by changing the way you do all of your marketing and advertising, including advertisements in all media, brochures, websites, trade shows, signage and everything else.

I’m not talking about radical changes that are “creative” or strange or weird or anything else. The process for getting these kinds of results is very systematic, and anyone with a strong business background can figure it out. But simply put, my purpose here is to show you how to change your marketing and advertising, and allow you to leverage your marketing momentum. The result is you make more money for the same time, money, and effort expended.

6,000 Years Of Human Behavior Wrapped Into One Simple Marketing System

An energy company implemented MYM and saw sales increases of 1,100% in less than 3 months.

The system is based on unchanging principles of human nature that dictate that people always want to make the best buying decision possible and therefore marketing’s job-your job-is NOT to YAK incessantly about how great you are or how low your prices are-but rather, your job is to simply facilitate the prospect’s decision making process, and allow them to feel like they’re in CONTROL of the decision, based on having enough quantity and quality of information.

The system is truly a breakthrough in marketing and advertising, yet it’s simple and easy to understand. We have thousands of client successes to prove that it works literally every time it’s implemented, regardless of what kind of business or industry you’re in.

$995 Value – Download Price NOW only $47

What You’ll Get Out Of This Program

This system will be of value for you whether you run advertising or not. It will work if you’re in a service business, manufacturing business, retail business, or wholesale business. If you sell business-to-business or business-to-consumer, it will work. Let me give you a brief overview of what you can expect to learn from this program.

      1. First, we’ll talk about what marketing is supposed to do and why most marketing doesn’t do it. I’ll explain to you exactly why everything you know about marketing and advertising is wrong.
      2. After that we’ll talk about creating strategic marketing messages and executing a tactical marketing program. What’s the difference between strategic and tactical marketing? Strategic marketing has to do with what you say and how you say it. It’s the content of your message and positioning of your brand, company, or product. When talking about strategic marketing, I’ll go into great detail about what we call the Marketing Equation. The Marketing Equation is the backbone of the Monopolize System-it’s essentially a roadmap to ensure you’re always saying the right thing to the right people-every single time.
      3. Your tactical marketing program, on the other hand, has to do with the execution of that strategic marketing plan as far as generating leads, placing media, and implementing a follow up system. You’ll learn how to create and use effective marketing tools that accomplish two important tasks: 1) Allow sales people to duplicate their efforts by putting their perfect sales pitch on paper, audio, or video, and 2) Compensate for lack of natural ability or “sales savvy” that usually plagues 80% of most sales forces. You can bring them rapidly up to speed by controlling what information they’re dispensing. And I’m not talking about your typical brochures or product spec sheets. I’m talking about highly effective, Marketing-Equation based marketing weapons.


Create A “Profit Faucet”…Turn It Up or Down Depending On How Much Business You Want Or Need Anytime You Want.

The end result of using this system is what really gets me excited. I’ve seen plenty of business owners, CEO’s and professional people who are good at what they do end up being owned by their business or career… They have no control. The MYM System gives you back that control in an easy to implement, push-button system. You will go to bed every night knowing within a small range of variance how much business is coming in by noon. There’s no more questionable advertising expenditures. There’s less old-fashioned grunt work, and more hi-tech, innovative control systems. The bottom line is this: This system allows you and your people to take full control of your entire profitability equation. That’s what we call a “profit faucet.”

Thousands Of Companies Can’t Be Wrong…
MYM Gets Results.

$995 Value – Download Price NOW only $47

The owners of a well-known chain of coffee stores in Los Angeles were pulling their hair out trying to compete with Starbucks, and had been looking for a solution for months. The first MYM efforts that were implemented netted so many new customers and repeat customers that the store had to shut down the advertising until their capacity got up to speed. The company went on to implement the strategies system-wide and have continued to add more stores and more profits (a “profit faucet”).

A computer services firm in Florida implemented the MYM System and was able to increase the average number of calls they received per week from 21 to 238. That’s more than 10 times the number of calls without spending any additional money on marketing. They then raised their hourly rate from $50/hour to $65/hour, and then 2 months later they raised the rate to $75/hour (“profit faucet”). They also instituted a $130 fee for emergencies (They used to just get the normal $50/hour rate). Needless to say, the company is THRILLED.

A steel company in Utah that sold to fabricators across the western United States utilized the MYM system to jumpstart the sales of a product with higher margins. A mail campaign was designed that was a textbook implementation of the MYM System. Within 2 months 7 new sizable accounts were signed up, along with several smaller ones. For the year, sales were up $2.8 million over the previous year, thanks to MYM. Says the owner,

“I used to go door-to-door and make cold calls all day long to make sales…Now I spend about 15 minutes per week starting your program and the rest of my time taking orders over the phone.”

62,478 Responses In 42 Days… 10 Times More Than The Most Optimistic Projections

A Canadian health supplements company used the MYM System to blow the lid off their sales. They hired one of our “Monopolize” consultants out of California to write a small piece about a new product. The ad offered two free samples to prospects so they could try it before they bought the full-sized product. The ad ran in Muscular Development magazine; they had hoped to get about 6,000 responses during the first year. Nobody expected what happened next… see below:

Ad Hits Market on March 8th
First 3 days = 3,000 requests
1 day later (by 9:00 am) = 1,500 requests
2 hours later = 585 requests
Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategies
4 Day Total = 5,085 requests
2 days later = 4,115 requests
Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategies
6 Day Total = 9,200 requests
4 days later = 4,500 requests
Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategies
14 Day Total (subscriber total only) = 13,700 requests
1 day later (Hits Newsstands) = 28,000 requests
Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategies
16 Day Total = 41,700 requests
2 days later = 1,200 requests
Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategies
18 Day Total = 42,900 requests

And just another 24 days later, he had received a massive 62,478 requests – all in only 42 days. His biggest problem then became how to deal with fulfillment of all the requests. This presented a sizable problem, but the problem was dealt with and more ads and campaigns have rolled out since with impressive results. That’s what we call a “profit faucet.”

$995 Value – Download Price NOW only $47

11 Hours of Instruction, 94 Tracks, 44 Pages of Examples and Worksheets

This is the definitive work on marketing… EVERY relevant topic is covered. Nothing is left out. All the secrets. All the tricks. All the principles. All the examples. Everything is included…

      • Why Marketing Isn’t Working: Learn the history of marketing and advertising and you’ll realize that you’ve been conditioned your whole life to use the WRONG formula.
      • The Marketing Equation: The foundation of our entire Monopolize Your Marketplace System – Interrupt, Engage, Educate, and Offer.
      • Implementing The Market Equation: Go through the “discovery” process to identify customer hot buttons and create your unique case.
      • Innovation: Find out how to “build a better mousetrap” and stay ahead of the pack through competitive leadership.
      • Presenting Your Case: The most important part of Strategic Marketing is “How you say it.” Learn how to articulate your message in a powerful, instantly impactful way.
      • Master Letters: This is your “Case Overview” that serves as a foundation for everything else you write…including ads, reports, scripts, etc.
      • Creating Advertising: Learn how to create ads that work from a headline, layout, and content standpoint. Also, learn how to deal with advertising agencies and ad salespeople and avoid getting ripped off.
      • Industry Category Strategies: General strategies for 7 major industry categories are discussed including service businesses, professionals, mass retailers, and specialty retailers…as well as companies that sell products to resellers and companies that sell products to end users.
      • Franchising Your Sales System: Create a systematized approach to your marketing that ensures you get optimal results every single time. Turn your company into a selling machine without having to rely on superstar salespeople.
      • Lead Generators: Learn how to generate 2 to 100 times more leads than you do now…and actually improve the quality of those leads.
      • Testing Concepts: Never make a major marketing mistake again by testing everything you do first. Let the marketplace tell you what it will respond to instead of trying to be a “guessing genius.”
      • Marketing Tools: Use websites, reports, audios, videos, sales scripts, signage, and other marketing tools to educate prospects and build your case and Franchise Your Sales System.
      • Hopper Systems: Nurture your prospects along the Educational Spectrum until they become ready to buy. Do this by sending powerful, well-articulated mailers, emails, and faxes.
      • Knock-Down Lists: Create a list of prospects who you’d really like to get as customers, and go to work on them with a combination of marketing and relationship selling.
      • Perpetual Selling Strategies: Learn how to get customers to come back over and over again to give you a steady, reliable stream of sales…and increased profits.
      • Joint Ventures: Find out how to leverage other companies’ customer lists to your advantage and how you can profit from making your customers available to them.
      • Upselling Strategies: Learn how to maximize each transaction with your customers by selling them more of your products or services each time they buy from you.
      • Referral Systems: Get your customers to give you referrals and feel good about doing so by setting up a win/win/win situation.

$995 Value – Download Price NOW only $47

I Strongly Advise You To Purchase This Program If You:

      • Are a sales or marketing executive who has any control over the company’s marketing decisions.
      • Own or operate a business that is doing well, but you would like to do even better.
      • Are a business-to-business marketer who wants to find new ways to increase sales.
      • Feel like your marketing creativity has been stagnant for some time now.
      • Are a front-line sales person who wants to be treated more like a welcome guest than an unwelcome pest.
      • You perform marketing support functions in your company….inside sales, customer service, etc.


Place your order right now and you’ll receive two free bonuses. If you need any additional information, please call me at 702-900-7436 and I’ll answer any questions you have.

Randy Martinsen