Planning for 2017

For most people, today is the last work-day of 2016 and many have taken the time off between Christmas and New Years Day. It's actually one of my biggest days because I will review my 5-year vision and set goals for 2017. These goals include family vacations, date nights, major travel destinations for work and income goals too.

I then break those down into monthly, weekly and daily activities required to reach those goals, and populate my annual calendar so that I don't miss important events throughout the year.

I highly recommend a day-timer to set these goals and track them. I use the David Byrd Achievement System because it has been tailored to my Nerium business, but any timer will work as long as it has a goals section, a tracking section and annual, monthly and daily planning sheets.

If you want any assistance from me about whether one you are considering is worth the cost or not just PM me and we will set a time for a Zoom call. Happy New Year - Let's make 2017 a year of greatness!

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