Promoter vs. Caretaker

When looking for people to build your business or your team you need to be aware there are generally two types of people that fit roles in your business. Trying to fit a type that doesn’t fit a role can be extremely frustrating and time consuming and inhibit your growth. One type is the “promoter” and the other is the “caretaker”.

Understanding how to identify these types can mean the difference between being an effective or ineffective leader. It is important to remember that you need both of these types of people in any business to make it grow effectively.

Napoleon Hill, in his book “Law of Success” talks about these in terms of promoters being a salesperson or a “dynamo” type, and the caretaker as a “balance wheel”. Promoters are those who love to share stories to inspire or motivate others to learn more about a product or service, while the caretaker compiles facts and figures and statistics and is happy being behind-the-stage.

In your business you must have both of these to be successful because the caretaker builds the evidence and educational materials that the promoter can use to build stories that identify with the potential buyers of your products and or services. The promoter delivers the messages.

One of the greatest books I’ve read on this subject is “Good to Great” by Jim C. Collins. He researched the companies that made the leap from a good company to a great company. He even shares how some companies that made this leap to greatness fell down with a change in leadership. He discusses how greatness is not sustained. Understanding these concepts is essential for you to grow your company to be great and to sustain it.

These principles work in traditional businesses, but they also apply in network marketing businesses. I often see these home-based business owners struggle with not having employees, but still want to grow teams that are successful and help their individual businesses grow. All too often they try to push caretaker type people into promoter roles, resulting in alienation of friends, family and even cold contacts.

The key to success in a network marketing business is to understand the roles required to make your team cohesive and what it takes to make it grow. Then to understand how to identify whether your team members fit better as a promoter or a caretaker. Each of these types is inspired by different things – so finding ways to inspire them as a team is critical to your success.

I suggest starting with your own “why”. Why are you are in the business? Then gather the “why” from each of your team members and speak with each one about the level of belief in your product or service. The most successful leaders then bring their team leaders to a mastermind discussion daily and use smart goals to move their teams forward.

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