Unconditional Love

You’re likely asking yourself, “Why would Randy write an article about unconditional love in a business column?” The answer for me is quite simple – Since I was very young I have understood that my purpose on this planet was to learn to love myself unconditionally so that I could love others unconditionally. It has been a primary focus of mine for many years – and I believe it is a large part of why I have been successful in business as well as my personal relationships.

I have been reading the book, “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani. I highly recommend this book to help you understand more completely why I chose to write about this subject today. She so eloquently puts everything we do in life, including work, into a framework that clarifies how striving to let go of societal norms and follow your heart can make you very successful. Yes, successful with work, with relationships and in life.

Anita writes, “I was brought up to believe that women should be submissive. There was always a level of judgment toward those who were overly assertive or forceful or who held high position, because a woman's primary role was to be a supportive wife and mother. I never met this standard.

“I'd spent a lifetime judging myself, beating myself up for not meeting these expectations. I always felt inadequate. But following my [Near Death Experience], I understood that these were a false set of socially determined standards.

“I also used to believe that I wasn't spiritual enough and needed to work harder in that area. Then I discovered that we're all spiritual, regardless of what we do or believe. We can't be anything else, because that's who we are - spiritual beings. We just don't always realize it, that's all.

“I understood that true joy and happiness could only be found by loving myself, going inward, following my heart, and doing what brought me joy. I discovered that when my life seems directionless and I feel lost (which still happens to me frequently), what it really means is that I've lost my sense of self. I'm not connected with who I truly am and what I've come here to be. This has tended to happen when I stop listening to my own internal voice and give my power away to external sources, such as TV commercials, newspapers, big drug companies, my peers, cultural and societal beliefs, and the like.

"Previously when I felt lost, one of the first things I did was to search outside for answers. I looked to books, teachers, and gurus, in the hope that they'd provide me with the ever-elusive solution. That's exactly what I did when I was first diagnosed with cancer. But I only ended up feeling even more adrift because I was giving my own power away again and again.

"I have found that having an inside-out view [of life] means being able to fully trust my inner guidance. It's as though what I feel has an impact on my entire universe. In other words, because I'm at the center of my cosmic web, the Whole is affected by me. So as far as I'm concerned, if I'm happy, the universe is happy. If I love myself, everyone else will love me. If I'm at peace, all of creation is peaceful, and so on."

I understand and believe that Anita is right on the mark! I have discovered that I must listen to how I feel. Everything we feel has an impact on success. If you’re working at something and you’re not happy it means you are at odds with where you’re supposed to be. I encourage you to do and say only those things that make you feel happy. Even to change what you do for work if necessary. It is always possible to be financially free by doing what you love unconditionally.

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